Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Planning for LTSP EPEL-6 and Fedora

Joshua Trimm (FAS: enslaver) has joined the K12Linux project, and is currently working on formal integration of LTSP for EL-6. It is our intent for EPEL-6 to eventually contain all components of LTSP. After EPEL-6 is complete, Fedora may be considered. I have largely moved on from this project, but I am helping the transition to new developers. Joshua is doing at least EPEL-6 since his employer relies upon it. In the long-term K12Linux needs more knowledgeable Fedora developers in order to be sustainable.

See this post on epel-devel-list for technical details of what is planned.

Friday, February 1, 2013

SleepyHead for Fedora

SleepyHead is an open source tool that allows visualization of sleep tracking data from  CPAP machines and Oximeters.  This RPM package below is tested and working on Fedora 18.  It needs more work before it can be suitable for Fedora package review.

Download RPM: [Fedora 18]
  1. Disable auto version check
  2. .desktop launcher with sheep icon
  3. Clarify GPL version (see README, currently ambiguous)